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About Us

About Automated Refreshment Services

ARS provides refreshment and nourishment to thousands of people daily, whether at work, at play, in school or on the go.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, vending machines, popular national brand products and excellent services build morale, improve productivity and help our customers make a favorable impression on their employees, clients and visitors. Let us tailor a program to meet the needs of your facility.

Our Personnel

Our people are our #1 asset. In an industry that considers employee turnover as it’s most significant problem, Automated Refreshment Services maintains an average length of employee service of ten years. This assures our customers of dependable, highly skilled and caring service. Moreover, our route sales personnel wear company uniforms and drive vehicles clearly identifying Automated Refreshment Services. Service is provided when needed, including the weekends.

Clean, Stocked & Working.
Technology & Equipment

Our route sales personnel are backed by state-of-the-art vending equipment from the top manufacturers. They’re equipped with cutting edge handheld computers that utilize our management information systems to assure that our customers are serviced when needed. This means route personnel ensure the best selling products for their particular facility are stocked and that the best sellers nationwide are made available. Automated Refreshment Services offers a wide selection of the most popular brands of candy, crackers, pastries, bag snacks, nuts, low fat & fat free snacks, sodas, juices, waters, milk, coffee and other hot beverages for vending machines.

Our Fleet

Our fleet of service trucks are custom designed to our specifications to maximize efficiencies that promote safety and improve service to our customers. In addition, we participate in national marketing research to assure that we stay on top of current industry trends on product usage, demands, and availability. Through our vending programs, ARS helps our customers make a favorable impression on their employees, students, clients or customers. They have access to a diverse line of the highest quality food and refreshment products at very competitive prices through state-of-the-art equipment. We also provide the opportunity for our customers to share in the profits.

Technical Service

Our primary equipment supplier, Crane Merchandising Systems, produces the highest quality and most technologically advanced and reliable automatic merchandising equipment available. In the unlikely event of an out-of-order call, our technicians respond promptly. Most calls are responded to within four hours.


ARS works with our customers to set up a refund system to assure that refunds are provided immediately.


Sanitation and cleaning is a priority and a requisite part of the route sales person’s service routine. Equipment is inspected by route supervisors on an ongoing basis for cleanliness and other compliance factors. Reports are filed on each inspection.

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