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USConnect is an integrated and wirelessly-connected, food-service network comprised of more than 45 family-owned companies in 100 major markets. Through this national network, ARS provides you an alternative to inconsistent industry standards by offering total and seamless food service and vending options, along with integration of customer rewards, cashless vending, transparency, health & wellness and green initiatives.
Scaleable and customizable, ARS and USConnect serve all your Local and National needs, including dining, full service vending, catering, office coffee and facility design.

  • National Dining, Vending & Market Solutions
  • The USConnect Family of Companies
  • USConnect Wireless Network
  • USConnect Rewards & Loyalty Card
  • Cashless Convenience
  • 1.5% of Rewards Card Sales Donated to Charity!
  • Exciting Quarterly Promotions
  • Exclusive Branding
  • The Right Choice…for a Healthier You! – Nutritional guidelines & selections for a healthy active lifestyle.
  • The Right Choice…for Earth – sustainable practices through remote machine monitoring, pre-kitting, dynamic route scheduling and the use of Energy Star Equipment.

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